Update The Lighting For Your Kitchen

In a home, one of the areas that are most important is the kitchen. This is the main reason why it should be designed to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. If you're not satisfied with the way your kitchen currently looks, try to redesign it to match your taste.

In order create a nice kitchen atmosphere; one important element that is usually forgotten is good kitchen lighting. Many people only focus on a few kitchen elements, such as countertops, appliances, cabinets, etc.

If you are looking to get your kitchen lighting right, you first need to decide on the kind of atmosphere your kitchen will have. There are many varieties of kitchen lights so you need to first know what you want before making a purchase.

If you don't know what you are looking for and you go shopping, it is highly likely you'll end up confused and lost. Discussed below are some ideas and tips on the kinds of kitchen lighting to opt for when your search. They are:


For many kitchens, ceiling lights are very popular lighting fixtures. Until recently, it was the only type of light available for kitchens. One of the main reasons why ceiling lights are used for kitchen lighting is because they are very affordable.

If the redesigning of your kitchen is being done on a budget, it would be good to start with searching for ceiling lights. Apart from ceiling lights, hanging light is another option you can go for. These are of two main types: pendants and chandeliers. Pendants are lights that hang down and they are usually at least a foot from the ceiling.

Chandeliers can give a kitchen an expensive and elegant look, and they are quite affordable. Before you buy a chandelier, be certain it will match with the main theme of the kitchen. General lighting is the collective name for these types of lights.

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You need to also consider task lighting. These lights need to be both bright and focused. If your kitchen only has general lighting, you should be able to spot the areas where you need to install task lighting. Take a look around the room to see the zones where there are dark surfaces. If there are dark spots on a countertop or worktop, try to install task lights there.

If your kitchen has an island, you can incorporate task lighting there by fixing some pendant lights just above it. Also, you can install some task lighting above your sink if it's not properly lit.  


You need to also consider installing some accent lighting in your kitchen. These lights give off a soft light that's non-direction. Usually, the general mood of the kitchen is also determined by accent lights.

These lights can be installed inside kitchen cabinets. You can highlight wall photo or other interesting details by using spotlights. If you want to boost the atmosphere of your kitchen, try to install dim lights just below the toe-tick.

It will create nice accent lighting and also make your cabinets appear as if they are floating.


You can provide a great general lighting and also give the room a nice decorative value if you hang a fixture above the table.

If you want to light a kitchen island up, try to use recessed lights or fluorescent fixtures above your island.

If you have collectibles or artworks displayed above your kitchen cabinets, you can highlight them by using directional recessed lights. If your cabinets have an open or glassed-in area of shelves, light them up with small fluorescent or halogen strip lights.

Installing toe-kick lighting at the kitchen cabinets' bottom is becoming a very popular trend. It will give the room a nice, rosy glow. These lights will guide your way if you are going to the kitchen for a late night snack.

Illuminate the kitchen countertops where your food preparation is done using fluorescent or halogen under-cabinet lights.

There is a need to illuminate the sink effectively, whether you're slicing vegetables or washing dirty dishes. I'll recommend you use recessed lights over your sink, since they direct light down.

Also, you can achieve a lot of things by mounting recessed lights in front of your kitchen cabinets.

You can serve many purposes if you mount recessed lights in front of your kitchen cabinets. They can provide soft and cool ambient lights; they can also provide extra illumination into the cabinets so that you won't be searching for things in the darkness. Also, they'll provide the kitchen counter tops with added light.


There should be a good amount of switches fixed in the right places. You must make sure that all the lights are not controlled by a single switch. It would very bad to have everything in one place. There should be different lights on in your kitchen in different times, since cooking is not all you do there.

When considering where to place the switches, `keep in mind that each type of lighting should have a different switch. There should be one for general lights, one for the accent, and another for your task lighting.

Also, lighting can be segregated by 'geography'; the task light for the worktop should have a switch that's near the worktop. The switch meant for the pendant lights fixed above the island should be near the place.

For a kitchen that's of average size, there's no need to have more than 4 to 5 switches. However, you need to consider what you use your kitchen for, and the kind of light that each activity requires.

Also, try to use different kinds of switches; standard switches are not as good as dimmer switches. You can get more control over the kitchen lighting by using dimmer switches. Also, they help you reduce the amount of switches you'll need, as dimmer lights allow you to vary the lights more.